Image of Immortal Sea (Children of the Sea)


Image of Immortal Sea (Children of the Sea)

This Children of the Sea story is entertainment at its finest. The secondary story about the son is a well-done tale of a teenager with more than just the usual coming-of-age problems.

After the death of her husband three years ago, Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez is ready to move on. With her children, Zack and Emily, she moves to World’s End Island, Maine. There she once again meets Morgan, the one-night stand from 16 years ago — and Zack’s father. Determined to take his newly discovered son back to Sanctuary with him, finfolk Morgan has little use for humans, but finds himself developing feelings for Elizabeth as well as her daughter. When Liz discovers what Morgan — and therefore Zack — is, she fights not only her attraction to Morgan, but to give her son the right to choose where he will live. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley