Image of Immortal Sins


Image of Immortal Sins

An almost-evil vampire trapped in
a painting by a vengeful wizard for deflowering his daughter? Ashley's
latest is jam-packed with surprises.
The abundance of plot devices, which should slow the story down, instead
give it the momentum to become a
fast-paced romp. Kudos to Ashley for
another winner!

Kari thinks she's going crazy when she's drawn to a painting that isn't just awe-inspiring, it's moving -- literally.

Jason is a vampire who, after romancing the wrong wizard's daughter, was sentenced to life in a painting until a human woman wishes him free.

After Kari releases him, Jason takes her on a quest to free his old flame, Ana Luisa, from a different painting. But when Ana learns that Jason loves Kari, she flees.

Will Jason be able to keep the women he cares about safe from the wrath of Ana's foiled father?

(ZEBRA, Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan