Image of Immortal Warrior


Image of Immortal Warrior

Hendrix's bold and beautiful fairy tale for grown-ups is an enchanted story about a stalwart warrior and a feisty lady who embark on a legendary flight of fantasy that will leave you breathless. Not to
be missed!

For 200 years the curse of an evil sorceress has held Viking warrior Ivar Graycloak in a strange world: He's a warrior by night, and an eagle by day. As a were-creature he has unique opportunities, yet his terrible secret allows him no chance for love. Then he's ordered by his king to marry Lady Alaida.

She's all he could desire in a wife, and they begin their marriage with a blissful night. But soon Ivar learns he cannot escape the curse. A seer tells him of a vision that requires him to keep Alaida at a distance or lose her. But Alaida isn't ready to give up their love so easily. She won't stay away, for she holds a power that could save Ivar and their love. (Berkley sensation, Nov., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin