Image of Immortally Embraced (Monster MASH)


Image of Immortally Embraced (Monster MASH)

Fox continues her adventures in the M*A*S*H unit in limbo by jumping right into the story. There’s no additional worldbuilding, so readers will need to have read book one for background information. While not quite as humorous as the set-up book, since it concentrates solely on the main plot and less on amusing asides, this is still a fun, quirky adventure that will definitely appeal to Sandra Hill Viking story fans.

Army doctor Petra Robichaud has not only brought about a cease-fire by fulfilling the oracle’s prophecy, she has also found a new love, Commander Galen. Then, in one insane day, Galen leaves on a suicide mission and Mark — the former love of Petra’s life whom she thought was dead — walks back into her life, asking for help for the enemy. She agrees to help Mark investigate a ghost in the enemy camp, but what Petra and Mark discover not only throws them together, but also puts them in a race against time to prevent real human tragedy, all while dodging jealous goddesses, hell vents and demanding demigod generals. How is a girl supposed to cope with this? (ST. MARTIN’S, Mar., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan