Image of The Awakening (Immortals, Book 3)


Image of The Awakening (Immortals, Book 3)

Dark times approach in the third
chapter of the multi-author, interconnected Immortals series. Gifted Nash fleshes out the growing threat to the magical and human communities as this thrilling series races toward its conclusion. The power of passion, greed and jealousy provide rich fodder for this story.

With more and more demons, unseelie and death magic poised to take over the world, time is rapidly running out. Water witch Christine Lachlan is tracking missing Immortal Kalen to his hidden castle in Scotland. Upon her arrival, Christine discovers Kalen is about to fall into a deadly trap set by his demon nemesis Culsu.

Although their magic and sexual attraction blend perfectly, Christine is confused and angered by Kalen's refusal to get involved. What is holding him back? That discovery will place Christine in an untenable situation, torn between her growing love and her sense of duty. (LOVE SPELL, Aug., 348 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith