Image of The Redeeming (Immortals (Love Spell))


Image of The Redeeming (Immortals (Love Spell))

To say that antihero Tain was insane
in previous books is to put it mildly. Now the most complex of the brothers gets
his shot at both redemption and love. Ashley imbues all her characters with real complexity and combines great
storylines and great storytelling.

Having been tortured and enslaved for centuries by a demon, Immortal warrior Tain lost his grip on sanity. With the help of his brothers, their mates and a half-demon LAPD cop named Samantha, Tain was rescued and the demon destroyed. Now, a year later, Tain suddenly reappears in the middle of Samantha's undercover op.

A new organization vowing to eliminate paranormals is rising, and demons are being killed. The attraction between Samantha and Tain is still red hot, but Tain fears he's too close to sanity's edge to start a relationship. Who or what is behind the killings -- and what is their ultimate goal?

(LOVE SPELL, Sep., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith