Tony Dewitt arrives in Harley, ID, to install the new telephone system. He hopes that by concealing his Chinese ancestry and posing as white, he will be able to start a new life. But his past comes back to haunt him in the form former love Lulu King. Seeing her brings back a rush of memories, some he would rather forget.

Lulu is also of mixed race, and she is determined that her heritage, as well as being female, will not hold her back. Her strong belief in women's rights takes her on a year-long assignment to an isolated part of Idaho, where she is stunned to see Tony. She can't forget her last memory of him or how she rejected his offer of marriage.

Their past feelings are quickly rekindled, but their newfound happiness is short-lived when an Anti-Chinese League suddenly enters the scene and turmoil threatens to tear them apart.

Glad paints a realistic, poignant glimpse of another time through the eyes of her characters. Her deep research makes for a memorable reading experience. SENSUAL (Oct., 416 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley