Image of Imperial Scandal (Malcom & Suzanne Rannoch Historical Mysteries)


Image of Imperial Scandal (Malcom & Suzanne Rannoch Historical Mysteries)

British diplomat Malcolm Rannoch and his Suzanne return as amateur sleuths in this sequel to Vienna Waltz. Following her usual plotline — a woman’s body is found — Grant deftly weaves a tangled web of suspense and murder that lures readers into her well-designed labyrinth. There are plenty of red herrings and there is enough of a colorful historical backdrop to satisfy both mystery and historical readers.

Vienna is a whirlwind of balls and espionage as Napoleon’s troops draw closer to Brussels in the wake of the emperor’s escape from Elba. Wellington prepares for battle, while Malcolm and Suzanne are caught up in a murder the night Malcolm meets with a French spy and is shot at, when they discover the body of quiet, well-respected Lady Julia Ashton. What was the woman doing in the garden? Spying? As the chaos of battle takes over the city, Malcolm and Suzanne try to piece together the reasons for Julia’s death. They’re drawn into a hunt for a killer. Secrets are everywhere, and they begin to wonder if there is anyone they can trust. (KENSINGTON, Apr., 482 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin