What happens when the rambunctious tomboy daughter of the new doctor in town turns out to be a carbon copy of a lovely accountant's shy daughter? Both parents and the town end up with TWICETHETROUBLE (4). Judy Gill delights us with the humorous antics of these winsome identical charmers, while revealing a compelling depth in their parents' romance.

A handsome, uptight developer's stress level reaches new heights when a free-spirited public relations partner takes over the opening of his dream community in IMPETUOUS (4). Patricia Potter brings in the clowns, the jugglers and a host of circus performers for a delightfully entertaining and energetic romance that will leave readers smiling.

Gayle Kasper highlights the charms of Las Vegas beyond "The Strip" in the fun and entertaining romance HERECOMESTHEBRIDE (4). A lovely antique shop owner and a handsome divorce lawyer get sidetracked by their own growing attraction when they become allies in hindering the wedding of her widowed father to his widowed aunt.

Adrienne Staff evokes the breathtaking beauty of the Arizona desert and the compelling mysticism of Indian lore in DREAMLOVER (3). A beautiful assistant hotel manager is drawn into a sensual dream haze by a handsome tour guide who, somehow, seems the key to freeing her heart from past tragedies.

Reviewed by: 
Linda Anselmi