Ever since Black Maggie Verrere ran off to America, jilting Sir Edric Neville, the two families have been at odds. It is not just their pride that is injured, but the fact that a fortune in jewels and coins, known as The Spanish Dowry, is missing too.

Now, 150 years later, Cassandra Verrere is determined to find the dowry to ensure her brothers futures, and she needs the help of the one man she can never trust: Sit Philip Neville.

Meeting under unusual circumstances, Cassandra saves Philip from being forced into marriage, so he owes her a favora big one. He never expects to be attracted to a Verrere; after all, the Verrere woman have always proved treacherous. But Cassandra is not a devious schemer, just a bluestocking, and she discovers that the hateful Neville has a heart of gold.

As Cassandra and Philip form their unlikely alliance and begin searching for clues to the dowrys hiding place, they uncover a treasure far more valuable than gold and jewels: a trust and love that protects them from the hate of the past and the danger of the present.

IMPETUOUS is a sheer delight. Humor blends with mystery and romance, forming a delicious confection and pure pleasure to read. Candace Camp weaves together a charming tale, adding poignancy and enough spice to charm every reader. SENSUAL (Aug., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin