Though a common soldier, Gabriel Blake has distinguished himself in battle and his bravery has brought him to Lord Wellingtons attention. At the General and her beloved brothers request, Lady Jane Blackthorne agrees to tutor Gabriel in the fine art of becoming a gentleman.

From the instant Gabriel sees Jane he is positive that she is the angel of mercy who healed his wound as he lay near death in a battlefield hospital. But Jane cannot recall the events of the day when the battle took place. Could Gabriel hold the secret to her frightening spells and visions?

As she begins teaching him to be a gentleman, Jane realizes that he is more of a gentleman then any aristocrat. His tenderness and care for her during her spells compels her to see Gabriel in a new light.

Then the truth of his ancestry is revealed and Gabriel and Jane are plunged into a madmans trap. Gabriel is imprisoned and tried for a crime he did not commit and Jane must find the courage to help set him free.

With impeccable care and a sure hand, Laura Parker beautifully evokes the Regency era and sheds new light on societys mores. Fans of Regency romances will delight in Ms. Parkers latest sweet and sophisticated novel with its deft characterization. SENSUAL (Mar., 390 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin