Image of The Importance of Almack's


Image of The Importance of Almack's

Patrick's Regency is delightful. Humor and romance blossom when a lady meets the man of her dreams. The hero is all a rogue should be, and although the love scenes are mild, the sensuality strikes the right note.

Pamela's life hasn't been easy since her mother's illness. Her father treats her like a slave and her sister is a spoiled brat who makes Pamela's life a misery. But things change when she finds an injured man who turns her world upside down. She hides the handsome, devilish and sensual Kitt in the stables, knowing her father would never allow him in the house. Then her sister reveals all.

Kitt is grateful for Pamela's help. But her father accuses her of giving away her virginity and disowns her. Left homeless, Pamela works as a companion to his godmother, until Kitt proposes a fake engagement secretly wants to make real. Pamela agrees, and the ton's gossipmongers have a field day. But being refused vouchers to Almack's are the least of their worries if Kitt can't convince Pamela that she's the woman of his heart. (Samhain, Jun., 253 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith