Steel returns to romantic fiction with this tale of a relationship between a woman and a man who are only nine years apart in age but worlds apart in life. Sasha de Suvery Boardman is 48 and owns art galleries in Paris and New York. With the recent death of her beloved husband, Sasha is more lonesome than ever. Her two children, Xavier and Tatianna, have lives of their own, and it's Xavier who introduces Sasha to Liam Allison, 39 and separated from his wife. Liam is a wacky artist who eschews proper attire and behavior.

Sasha agrees to represent Liam at an upcoming show at her New York gallery, and the two become involved professionally and personally. But their love affair is fraught with tension, as Sasha is unwilling to reveal their relationship to her family and friends. Their worlds collide, as Sasha's conservative background clashes with Liam's free-spirited nature.

Steel lets readers escape into the world of the wealthy, who have homes around the globe and jet from one city to the next. Liam and Sasha's life-changing romance is captivating and magical. Fans will enjoy Steel's fast-moving text and entrancing characters. (Mar., 324 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick