Axell Holm is a desperate man. Ever since the death of his wife, Axell has felt his 8-year-old daughter Constance slipping away from him. Axell seeks help from Constances unconventional teacher Maya Alyssum. Maya and her business partner Selene have started a private progressive school called The Impossible Dream. Unfortunately, Maya and her school are under siege because the Mayor wants to tear down the building in order to build an access way to a proposed new development.

Maya is currently eight months pregnant with her former boyfriends child. Shes also responsibile for her 6-year-old nephew Matty, as her sister Cleo is in jail on a drug charge. Maya also wants to keep her sisters new age gift shop open.

Axell sees a potential solution to both of their problems. If Maya works with Constance after school, Axell will try to save the school. But the Mayor is playing hardball. Are Axell and Maya willing to pay the piper in order to achieve their goals?

Hours of reading delight are yours for the taking when you pick up IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS. (Apr., 368 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith