When they were children, Elyn of Lawenydd saved her sister, Kiera, from punishment, and in exchange extracted a promise from Keira that she would return the favor. However, Keira never imagined she would have to pose as Elyn on Elyn's wedding day! The charade was to last one day, but when Elyn does not return from a tryst with her lover, Kiera is locked into marriage with a man who believes she is Elyn.

Lord Kelan of Penbrooke is suspicious and suspects that there is something very strange about his bride, but he finds himself falling in love with her and wanting to bed her as quickly as possible. Keira is powerless to resist him. But where is Elyn and what will happen when Kelan uncovers the ruse?

The exciting beginning of IMPOS-TRESS will have you riveted, but as the story moves forward some of that excitement weans, leaving simply an enjoyable romance. The medieval backdrop adds just the right touch of flavor to a predictable tale. SENSUAL (Apr., 322 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin