Ross’ second novella will keep even the most well-read fans of historical romance on their toes. Her European settings are stunningly described, and her character’s journeys, both physical and emotional, are thoroughly unexpected and delightful. The story may have benefitted from some expansion, or perhaps this complex and beautifully balanced relationship is just too good to let go. Regardless, Ross’ story is full of irresistible passion, odd and fascinating historical detail and is altogether so marvelously different that old fans and new will surely be enthralled.

Lady Alice Cathcart-Ross arrives in Switzerland determined to engage the famous mountaineer E.P. Keating to guide her over the challenging High Route. But when she realizes that E.P. Keating is the same underdressed, irascible man who fascinated her upon her arrival, Alice’s adventure may be far more treacherous to her heart. As the blistering need between them threatens to rage out of control, Alice fears her growing obsession for Elijah may also threaten the freedom she cherishes — but can she find the strength to walk away when their adventure is over? (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown