Does knowing the future help? A woman sees her destiny, but her predictions create mischief and mayhem along the way in this highly entertaining love story by Sara Blayne.

Lady Elfrieda Rochelle, who had lost both her parents in a boating accident, lives with her grandfather, the Duke of Albermarle, along with her younger sister and brother. Elfrieda has a deep interest in astrology and divining the future.

Gazing into a crystal, Elfrieda discovers her true love, Guy Herrick the Earl of Shields. But he is in danger and she must rush to London to save him.

Meanwhile, Guy is bored with the season and his mistress. It is the tragic murder of a friend that consumes his thoughts. But Guy notices that something odd is happening. He is being followed by a raven-haired beauty. What kind of new danger is this?

Sara Blayne provides the reader with unusual, memorable characters and the mayhem that ensues between them will entertain you, though this reader found the excessive references to astrology distracting and off putting. SENSUAL (Oct., 349 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera