Image of Improper Etiquette


Image of Improper Etiquette

This trio of stories is fast reading
and quite sexy, and the stories are imaginatively connected via a 1949
etiquette guide that the heroines use
to attract the heroes. The sex includes consensual bondage and is a bit
repetitious, and the tales could have benefited from more variety in the
storylines and better character

When Brett moves in next door, Francesca welcomes him with cinnamon buns and continues to woo him with food. In "Catering to His Needs," readers learn if a small-town miss and a big city bachelor who has suffered a terrible betrayal meet halfway.

"Tag, You're It" has ordinary Lily striving to catch the attention of genius inventor Benjamin. She turns to the old etiquette book, which shows her what to do. Duke has needled Caitlyn all her life her with his good looks, piles of money, generous nature and scads of women. Now she must work with him in "Seducing the Duke." (Signet Eclipse, Jul., 260 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley