Image of Improper Gentlemen


Image of Improper Gentlemen

Here is a trio of sensual and pleasant stories by three talented authors, which proves that Improper Gentlemen make some of the best lovers and then husbands. An enjoyable read.

In Whiteside’s “Talbot’s Ace,” Charlotte Moreland, aka Ace, must take protection from Justin Talbot, owner of the Hair Trigger Palace, and Justin plans to show her what she has been missing. “To Match a Thief” by Robinson is the story of Lucy Dellamar and Sir Simon Keith, who knew each other long ago. Lucy’s protector sells his house, along with Lucy, to Simon. When Simon walks in, Lucy is stunned. Simon thought she was dead; she thought he never came back for her. Can two young lovers find happiness together after so many years? Marlowe brings us a “Knack for Trouble.” Aidan Danaher met Rosalinde Burke when he was a prisoner in Bermuda. Memories of their one night together has kept each warm. When they meet again Aidan is now known as Lord Stonemere, but until he clears himself of murder he will not be truly accepted into polite society. At a house party Aidan lays the plan to catch the real murderer, but Rosalinde winds up in the killer’s hands. Can Aidan save her? (BRAVA, Aug., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager