Image of Improper Proposals (The Improper Series Book 3)


Image of Improper Proposals (The Improper Series Book 3)

Ross’ novellas are always surprising, always refreshingly different and always wonderfully memorable. Her eye for historic detail and dialogue immerses readers in this realistic, thoroughly proper Victorian world, and makes the shocking arrangement between her characters seem even more wicked and scandalous by contrast. Her empathy for her leading couple brings out their distinct, defiantly singular personalities, and their gradually evolving relationship only makes them stronger and more exceptional. Fans of her Improper series will delight in this third installment, and new readers would do well to indulge in this novella as soon as possible.

When her husband died, Catherine Boothroyd feared her own life was over as well — until she found strength and inspiration in writing a guide for young housewives. But her publisher, Thomas Cathcart-Ross, somehow manages to convince Catherine to instead write a guide discussing the truths and myths of marital relations for young brides, frankly explaining the pleasure that can be had in the marriage bed. Though fearful for her reputation, Caroline undertakes the task, if only to stay close to her fascinating and increasingly alluring publisher. Will they write a new chapter of life — and love — together? (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown