Heroine Phoebe is a wonderfully strong character and the Northumberland setting unique. However, hero Simon is very difficult to like as he spends much of the story callously offending others with his loud criticisms and rude opinions. Readers should be prepared for a seriously surly hero.

Impoverished miss Phoebe Benedict uses her wealthy relatives’ connections to find a nursemaid position with the rich Simon Clare. Phoebe has no problem caring for Simon’s ill son, but watching the enigmatic Simon suffer in self-imposed isolation is more than she can bear. Phoebe is desperate to help both the father and son heal, but Simon’s past experience with an unfaithful wife has made him distrust women. Can Phoebe's steadfast and honest ways heal Simon's battered heart? (Harlequin, Jan., 283 pp., $5.99) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne