Long ago, Angela Stanhope loved Cam Monroe, her family's young groom, but like many young lovers, they are cruelly torn apart when Angela is forced to marry to satisfy her family's greed. Cam vows revenge.

To save Cam, Angela entered into a brutal marriage and after suffering abuse one time too many, she flees her husband and obtains a divorce.

Cam knows nothing of Angela's situation. These many long years Cam has been in America, making his fortune and awaiting the moment he can control the Stanhope family and claim Angela as his own. That time is now.

Wary of all men, Angela is not prepared for Cam's return or the slow blossoming of her once powerful desire for him. Cam must learn to court the recalcitrant Angela, and woo her he does, but when strange accidents begin happening and Cam is nearly killed, Angela and the Stanhopes become prime suspects.

The regeneration of passion, Angela's ability to both come to grips with her past abuse and find strength in her newfound love, and Cam's gentleness and sensitivity all blend together to enable the newlyweds to unmask the villain and uncover the shocking truth of Cam's heritage.

Candace Camp is renowned as a storyteller who touches the heart of her readers time and again. Though the plot is traditional and there are few surprises, Ms. Camp brings her own freshness, glowing warmth and compassion to the story and a large portion of poignancy and tenderness. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin