Psychics, shifters and wolves, oh my! Paranormal books are everywhere, so it takes quite a stretch to stand out above the crowd. Rogers’ fifth installment in the action-packed Southern Arcana series just doesn’t have enough, well, action. The plot presents danger but doesn’t follow through. However, the buildup to the main characters’ steamy relationship is enjoyable and they’re a likable couple.

Sera Sinclaire is a submissive coyote, one of just a handful of her kind. Living in New Orleans, ruled by assertive shapeshifters, she longs for independence after fleeing her abusive ex. Sera runs directly into the arms of Julio Mendoza, a dominant wolf on the Southeast council in desperate need of a getaway. They take a road trip together and quickly discover they’re sexually compatible. Their relationship is frowned upon, but maybe true love will prevail, and Julio and Sera will realize that they complete each other. Or, will there be anger and bloodshed just to keep them apart? (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi