Image of Impulsive: An Eternal Pleasure Novel


Image of Impulsive: An Eternal Pleasure Novel

This dark paranormal novel is the latest in Fox's Eternal Pleasure series about shapeshifters. Fox brings together two unforgettable characters, transformed after one devastating night, adds plenty of erotic tension and draws readers irresistibly into their world. It's all about second chances in this sexy, suspenseful and satisfying read.

Sunray and her shapeshifter friends leave their secret gated community in Serene, N.H., and move to Chicago, near the neighborhood where a century ago, she was changed into a lycan and her lover, Ray Bartlett, was viciously murdered.

Ray's been reincarnated and is now known as Kane. Sunray still loves him but she knows they can't be together because Kane is now a lycan hunter. They forge a temporary alliance to catch a rogue shifter and try to deny their passion. Can they start over again, or have time and circumstance made that impossible? (HEAT, May, 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski