Image of Impulsive


Image of Impulsive

Dimon revisits characters from an earlier book in this tale of loving someone despite their youthful indiscretions. The theme of giving someone a second chance (or more) is somewhat marred by the characters’ poor judgment and relationship skills, which seem too juvenile. Despite these drawbacks, you will be rooting for a happy ending for them.

Attorney and politician Eric breaks character by having sex with the caterer in a bathroom at his ex-wife’s wedding. As if that’s not impulsive enough, she’s 12 years younger, has a complicated personal history — and he’s running for office. Katie is a former wild child trying to reform and help her sister, who is a single mother with a new catering business. Katie and Eric both have trust issues; they experience doubts and relationship stumbles. On top of it all, someone is spying on Eric and when the media gets scandal-worthy material, Katie is implicated in a set-up and Eric is not sure who to trust. (BRAVA, Nov., 272 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan