One of the leading lights of Regency romance takes a major step forward with this delightful new love story.

Miss Gillian Prescott wants to go home. Her father, a wealthy American businessman, is bound and determined to marry her off to an English lord. To accomplish that feat, he sells their home in America and whisks her off to London.

Captain Leopold Reed is just back from the wars on the Peninsula. With the death of his father, the Earl of Wrexham, Leo has inherited both the family title and a pile of debt. Unless he can make an advantageous marriage, he will have to sell off everything!

It could be the perfect match. A quick wedding, an heir, and the lady can head back to America. But will love make a difference to their plans?

Ms. Carmichael's striking characterizations bring a sparkling, fresh originality to a classic plot in this richly developed romance. (Jan., 214 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer