Image of An Indecent Proposal (Thoroughbred Legacy)


Image of An Indecent Proposal (Thoroughbred Legacy)
Recently widowed Bronwyn Davies decides it's time to tell her ex-lover, stockbroker Patrick Stafford, that he's her son Wesley's father. So she seeks employment at Fairchild Acres, the property belonging to Patrick's great-aunt, and things don't go as planned. Still attracted to Patrick, Bronwyn angers when he kisses her and accuses her of unsavory behavior -- and she blurts out the truth. Stunned, Patrick comes out swinging, demanding joint custody. Trusting each other again is difficult, especially once Wesley finds out what's going on. Margot Early's An Indecent Proposal (2) has a meandering plot and an overdone, obvious conflict -- and neither Patrick nor Bronwyn are especially sympathetic.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer