Image of An Indecent Proposition


Image of An Indecent Proposition
AN INDECENT PROPOSITION (4.5) by Carol Marinelli: Zander Kargas has lived with only vengeance and retribution in his cold heart against a twin brother who got it all. Charlotte Edwards is Zander’s PA, and she also entices him as no other woman has. He assumes she can be bought, as everything else he’s attained has been, but when that doesn’t work Zander makes her “an indecent proposition” indeed. Marinelli takes us on a journey from seedy alleys to glitz and glamour and leaves us with hope for happiness in the future. Her unforgettable characters will compel readers and pull at their heartstrings. Her hero has a dark side that makes the heroine’s light shine that much brighter.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt