Sentenced to a life of indentured servitude for a crime he didn't commit, Englishman Royce Devlin is shipped to the colonies, his fate in the hands of the highest bidder. He's purchased by Megan McCall, the obstinate mistress of a plantation and the unlikely head of a shipbuilding enterprise.

Megan was crippled in the carriage accident that killed her husband, an accident she is rumored to have purposefully caused. She refuses to let her handicap stop her from competing in a man's world, even going so far as to seal off her heart. However, Royce soon becomes more than she ever expected in a servant—a man she can trust.

While the premise was promising, THE INDENTURED HEART never quite delivered. Both Royce and Megan took some time earning my affection, especially Megan, whose determined independence often devolved into stubborn willfulness. Raffin's writing shows great potential, but the novel sometimes felt anachronistic and tended to slip into purple prose. (dl $4.75)

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal