Abigail and Moriah Pierce come to Colorado from St. Louis hoping to run their late father's store. This was to be Abby's salvation; she is running from unfounded charges of embezzlement and hopes to start a new life.

The sisters receive help from Captain Bryce McGregor, commander of Fort Lookout. Bryce does his best to convince Abby to return East, telling her of the danger from outlaws, Native Americans, rustlers and the men at the fort who are looking for wives.

Abby refuses to listen, determined to forge her way. However the sisters do accept Bryce's offer to stay in his quarters until the store is made habitable. During that time, Bryce's daughter, Pamela, becomes attached to Abby, and the attraction between Abby and Bryce grows— even though Abby knows she can never be his wife because of her past. But she doesn't count on Bryce's stubbornness when it comes to having the woman he loves.

Greenword creates a colorful portrait of the postCivil War West, with all its problems, prejudices and lawlessness. Yet through all these difficulties true love between an independent woman and an honorable man prevails. The strength of purpose in the characters and the colorful backdrop make this a truly memorable western. SENSUAL (Mar., 354 pp.,$5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner