Though a poor relation, Juliana Holcott grew up on a country estate where she went mostly unnoticed except by Nicholas Barre, orphaned heir to the estate. By befriending Juliana, he earns her loyalty and young love. But when wild, willful Nicholas leaves, Juliana is left on her own.

Employed as a ladies' companion, Juliana is an independent-thinking woman who knows she has little prospect of marrying for love. Suddenly Nicholas is back in her life. A chance meeting at a ball brings them together again and his open interest in her threatens her livelihood.

The only way for Nicholas to rescue Juliana is to marry her. But after they walk down the aisle, a wedding guest is murdered and the newlyweds are plunged into the investigation.

Love and suspense combine perfectly in Camp's masterfully plotted romance. Known for creating unforgettable characters, Camp continues to prove herself capable of twisting traditional plotlines into powerful stories to touch readers' hearts. SENSUAL (Mar., 408 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin