The Underground Railroad has been a part of Hester Wyatt's life since the day her aunt brought her out of slavery on an indigo plantation. Hester is well known in her Michigan community for her hard work and her devotion to the cause.

Thus when slave stealer Galen Vachon, known as the notorious "Black Daniel," is brought wounded into her home, Hester makes it her priority to see him well cared for and safe from the slave hunters.

Galen belongs to an elite class of Creole freemen and is used to a lush and lavish life that helps him hide his clandestine work on the railroad. Galen believes that someone has betrayed him and he is determined to unmask the traitor. However, he is sidetracked by the lovely, kind and strong-willed Miss Wyatt whose indigo stained hands soothed his wounded body.

Galen buys the land that borders Hester's farm and begins to shamelessly woo her with gifts and luxuries. Though she fights his teasing temptations, Hester is falling in love with the strong, brave man beneath Galen's arrogant, handsome exterior.

With the slave hunters nearby and their lives always at risk, Galen and Hester forge a powerful union and fight for themselves and their people's freedom while they run down a vile traitor.

Bringing new historical insight into the days before the Civil War and shedding light on little known facts about Black abolitionists, Beverly Jenkins once again lifts readers into a love story that is smart and sassy as well as fascinating and informative. Her star continues to climb. SENSUAL (Nov., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin