Two years before the rebellion of the Colonies, Maximilian Broderick secretly works against the Loyalists by snatching rebel prisoners from punishment. Hes known only as the Indigo Blade. To gain information, he dresses as a popinjay and visits the Loyalist Seton house. Penelope Seton lives with her uncle, doing her best to avoid an arranged marriage with disagreeable, highly ambitious Loyalist, Victor Chadwick.

Max falls in love with Penelope at first sight and they soon marry, but the perfect marriage becomes paradise lost when a young rebel being beaten to death by the Loyalist publically names Penelope as his betrayer. Max rebels against his love for his new wife because shes so viciously Loyalist and he cant trust her. Penelope has no idea why Max has changed toward her but tries the best she can to deal with lost love and paralyzing loneliness.

Linda Jones fills her innovative approach to a familiar war with special insight. The primary love story engages senses and sympathies, and an unusual secondary romance involving Penelopes jealous cousin Mary provides exceptional characters and interest. SENSUAL (Apr., 400pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger