Determined to save her family plantation, Eden Palmer travels to Barbados to bargain with an ex-buccaneer for the secret to growing indigo as a profitable crop. However, she must deal with the ship's captain before she can bring her priceless cargo home.

With a land grant in the Carolinas, Baron Derek von Walden hopes to build a prosperous community in the colonies. Intrigued by the indomitable miss, Derek strikes an arrangement to make room for her on the ship.

Eden has never met a man like Derek and when they are captured by pirates she has the opportunity to view his courage first hand. Their rescue and the journey to America are the beginning of a strong relationship.

However, once Eden discovers that Derek holds the fate of her home within his hands, her pride will not allow her to follow her heart.

Exciting and fast-paced, touched with humor and passion, INDIGO FIRE is a gem. Krista Janssen takes a refreshing view of colonial history in this adventure with a dashing baron and a daring American miss who merge their two cultures into a new and stronger world. SENSUAL (Sept., 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin