In this story about being strong no matter how much life batters ones strength of character, Rebeka Randall hires two men to help her break her wayward brother out of jail. One, Chase Hawken, is the man who brought her brother in to be hanged for his crime, but Rebeka assumes Chase will guide them into Montana. He is, after all, part-Native American as she is and can understand how societys treated her.

Chase knows the moment he sees Rebeka that she must be his beloved dead wifes twin sister. He's unsympathetic to the brother, who was riding with the men who murdered his wife, but helps Rebeka. Her fierce loyalty to her brother touches him, but something more draws him to her as they travel, feelings that he resists as being a betrayal to his murdered wife.

Secrets and healing are integral parts of Lori Morgans (aka Laura Renken) high-action Western romance. The code-of-the-west hero is beautifully dark and the ending star bright. Sensual (Nov., 315 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger