Sylvie de Courcey, heiress to a notable French winery, is young and in love. Unfortunately it is not with the man her parents have chosen for her. When Sylvie spent the summer as a companion to the Countess de Boyce, her Aunt Racine, she falls in love with Matthew Wallace, a vicar in the Church of England. Her betrothed, Count Rene de Boyce, is a drug user and a philanderer, and he is interested in securing the De Courcey estate to pay off his debts to a loan shark.

Sylvie marries Count Rene and finds herself pregnant while still in love with Matthew. In the wings, the unscrupulous Viscount Blackthorne is patiently waiting for his beloved Sylvie, and he is not above murdering her husband to claim her. Lisa Samson creates an engaging romance with the intrigue and suspense historical fans will enjoy. (May, 368 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair