Lady Lydia Beford-Browne is the epitome of the well-bred English Victorian lady. She would never do anything improper or adventurousuntil a coach accident leaves her stranded in the Dartmoor with a very improper gentleman.

Texas millionaire Sam Cody has just missed his weddingfor the second timeand is not thrilled to be sharing the coach with the prim and proper Lydia. Its a good thing hes around, though, for when their damaged coach tumbles into a bog, his quick thinking and daring deeds save her lifebut now theyre stranded together on the barren moor.

As they slowly make their way to civilization Lydia finds herself enchanted by Sams slow drawl and his easygoing manner. He is like no man she has ever encountered and she begins to loosen up, relax, and have more fun than any proper lady should!

Put all this together and you have a humorous, tantalizing, witty tale of two people whose worlds collide when love comes unexpectedlyjust the kind of innovative story Judith Ivory is known for writing. Youll adore being transported to decorous turn-of-the-century England and meeting two unique characters who defy everything for love. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin