Image of Indiscretion: A Novel


Image of Indiscretion: A Novel

Dubow’s raw and tantalizing debut is sure to be a timeless hit! Told from the point of view of Walter, a passive yet watchful family friend of the Winslows, the novel’s writing style and tone is reminiscent of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, but with a more modern, contemporary spin. Roman-tic and devastating, it’s a delectable train wreck to devour. The only possible flaw is its heartbreaking ending — inevitable in nearly every story with a love triangle.

While on a weekend trip to the Hamptons with her boyfriend and his friends, beautiful and alluring 26-year-old Claire meets the charming and handsome Harry Winslow, a successful author whom she just can’t resist. Despite the presence of Harry’s gorgeous wife and adorable son, Claire is intent on burrowing her way into the Winslows’ lives. When her crush on Harry is made evident, the relationships between Claire, the Winslows and their close friend Walter will be changed forever. (MORROW, Feb., 400 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun