Khendra Phillips is an Atlanta attorney at the height of her career when she meets Sean Michaels, an attorney brought into her firm to handle a high-profile case Khendra has her heart set on.

Although disappointed about not being allowed to try the case, Khendra is pacified by the promise of being backed for a junior partner position by the law firms most respected senior partner. Despite herself, Khendra finds she is attracted to Sean and as time passes, they fall in love. Their relationship is complicated by the death of Seans ex-wife. Sean is accused of the murder and its up to Khendra to defend him, even though Sean has betrayed her trust by accepting the junior partner position Khendra was promised. Khendra must put her broken heart and hurt feelings aside long enough to not only try and get Sean acquitted of murder, but to find the real killer.

Genesis Press, which is re-releasing this former Odyssey book, has unearthed a treasure. Ms. Hill has woven a tale sure to capture readers hearts. (On the shelf, 274 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks