Account Executive Sydney Webster is close to being accused of murdering the prominent Texas legislator engaged to her sister. Yes, she'd gone to see him the day of the murder, had even thrown the murder weapon at him, but it had missed his head and when she'd left he'd been very much alive. After a visit downtown to the Dalston, Texas police department, Sydney decides she needs the best attorney money can buy-Perry Mason MacDonald.

From the moment Perry MacDonald sees the headstrong beauty who's been waiting hours for him to return to his office, he's determined to hear her story. Even though she lies to him during the initial run through, he agrees to take her case knowing this could be the first time he's ever mixed business with pleasure-pure, unmitigated adult pleasure. But first things first. Though he's very much aware of Ms. Webster's nearly combustible attraction to him, he's determined to clear her of the murder before they forget why they met in the first place.

Margie Walker has spun a sensual tale of suspense filled with enough curves and twists to keep the reader hanging onto the edge of their seat while waiting for this wild, fast-paced literary ride to come to its hair-raising conclusion! Bravo, Ms. Walker! (July, 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson