Image of Indiscriminate Attraction (Kimani Romance)


Image of Indiscriminate Attraction (Kimani Romance)
Linda Hudson-Smith's Indiscriminate Attraction (3) is a good story with an unusual plot, but characters and events not integral to the story are a distraction. Laylah Versailles is a successful newspaper reporter who also volunteers at a homeless shelter. When Chancellor Kingston shows up too late to get a bed for the night, Laylah, who's as fascinated with him as he is with her, gives him money for a motel. Chancellor is secretly looking for his twin brother, Chandler, and decides to immerse himself in the life that his brother has chosen to live. He doesn't count on falling for Laylah and hesitates to tell her that he's actually wealthy.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims