Image of Indulge Me


Image of Indulge Me
Darcy Wolf, 26, is recovering from a bad few years. First she nursed her father while he died of cancer, then her ex-boyfriend. Unexpected money her father left her means she can have adventures--sexual and otherwise. She decides the hunk painting her house would make a great one-night stand. Unfortunately, Darcy and Tyler Houston are in a web of relatives and friends within their small community who are completely willing to meddle in their lives. Can Darcy settle for one man when she planned to explore so many? Indulge Me (4), by Isabel Sharpe, has humor, as Darcy tries to walk on the wild side, and heartwarming characters interfering in each other's lives. Some dialogue in the beginning doesn't sparkle, but this is still a fast, sexy read.
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Page Traynor