Image of Indulgence in Death


Image of Indulgence in Death

Lt. Eve Dallas takes on a twisted game in the newest installment of Robb’s long-running and continually captivating series. Multifaceted characters and their ongoing evolution have kept readers glued to the pages of this series. The villains in this tale are true sociopaths with a sense of entitlement that showcases the worst of human nature.

Eve and Rourke are just returning from a well-deserved vacation when Eve catches a case involving the murder of a limo driver. The unusual weapon is a bit puzzling, but when the murder of a high-class escort also includes an exotic weapon, Eve and Peabody know they have a serial killer. As all the victims are at the top of their profession, a pattern seems to be emerging. To find the killer, Eve must step into a society where power and privilege can buy anything. As Eve is also at the top of her profession, she too may end up in the predator’s sights. (PUTNAM, Nov., 384 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith