Image of Indulgent: An Eternal Pleasure Novel


Image of Indulgent: An Eternal Pleasure Novel

Fox again takes us to the paranormal, gated community of Serene, N.H. A light suspense/mystery combines with some intense sexual scenes for an entertaining read. The community is particularly compelling, but the ending is rushed, which shortchanges the most interesting plotline. Sexual activities include inter-mind voyeurism and a three-way with M/F/M action.

Lily is a rare combination of witch and spiritual shifter, whose entire coven was eradicated by Darklanders in the 15th century. As the sole survivor, Lily has hidden from the Darklanders since that time, and suppressed her magick to avoid detection. Cousins Jaret and Toby are Paranormal Task Force officers bent on destroying Serene and all of its inhabitants, whom they view as monsters. But, the cousins waver in their mission as they experience intense sexual attraction to Lily and are warmed by the peaceful, caring community of Serene. (HEAT, Jan., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan