Author Jane Heller strikes gold again with her wickedly funny sense of humor in this hilarious tale of love battling the ultimate forces of darkness. This terrific novel has already been optioned by Touchstone Pictures as a new movie for comedian Ellen DeGeneres. Snap it up quick!

South Floridian Barbara Chessner figures she has just about reached rock bottom. Not only is she an overweight, flat-chested, burnt out real estate agent, but her husband has just announced that he is dumping her for the TV weather girl.

Deep in despair, a drunken Barbara implores the heavens to help her. Unfortunately God isn't the only one listening. When Barbara awakens the next morning, she is thin, blond, stacked and about to clinch the real estate deal of her life. At first Barbara can't quite figure out what has happened, but she isn't about to question her luck. That is until the gorgeous man she starts dating fills her in on her new lot in life.

The devil has invaded Banyon Beach and Barbara has unwittingly become a darksider. Determined to get rid of the devil's claim on her, Barbara must confront him personally. She knows he is inhabiting the body of someone she knows, but who? With the help of her high school nemesis, Jeremy Cook, Barbara starts a battle to exorcise the devil from Banyon Beach and herself. Can they succeed with all the forces of darkness arrayed against them? (Apr., 304 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith