Ms. Cresswell has a flair for intrigue and suspense that makes stories come alive. THE INHERITANCE is no exception.

Seven years ago, Isabella Joubert walked away from her family when a ruined love affair forced her to choose between her freedom and her family's shady business. Now her father is close to death, and she must return. Arriving at the hospital, Isabella's father tells her of a computer disk he wants her to take, telling her that he trusts shell know what to do with it when hes gone. After his funeral, she must also deal with her family. There's her mother, bitter over Isabella's defection, her brother, who is taking over the family business and resents her presence, and her sister, who is completely wrapped up in her marriage and infant son.

Isabella is eager to return home to her quiet life in Chicago. But it soon transpires that the disk she inherited is a detailed list of bribes paid by her father to many notable figures. Meanwhile, she must face the return of Sandro Marchese, the man shed loved and who had been the catalyst to her family rift years before. Sandro shows up claiming to be working undercover for the government and issuing warnings about the trouble the disk will bring her. He tells her she can trust no one, but can she even trust him?

(Feb., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson