When Rafe Maitland is summoned by a long lost aunt to attend a family reunion, the summons comes by way of the plain and business-like Greer Lawford, his aunts assistant. Rafe would rather go on living his life without his stuffy old aunt, but he needs some help. It would serve his case to have a fiancie when he begins the fight for custody of his niece. Before he knows what has happened, he is making a deal with Greer.

Greer just wants to make her employer, Megan Maitland, happy, and if she has to play the game to get Rafe to finally meet his aunt, then so be it. Having grown up an orphan, she wants what Rafe is denying himself by remaining distant from his family.

Rafe begins to see beneath Greers layers to the woman in hiding. Their ruse becomes more complicated and they begin to see a side to one another they hadnt anticipated.

I enjoyed this sweet story where the flirtatious and charismatic cowboy falls for the plain Jane heroine. (Aug., 256 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos