Image of An Inheritance of Shame


Image of An Inheritance of Shame

AN INHERITANCE OF SHAME (4.5) by Kate Hewitt: Angelo Corretti’s back in Sicily to exact revenge on the family that denied him love and his heritage. The only respite he ever found was his childhood friend and the one magic night spent in her arms. Lucia Anturri has spent seven years trying to forget the consequence of her night with Angelo, the man she’s always loved. Now he’s back and she needs the power to resist him. Hewitt’s heartwrenching Corretti drama is an all-encompassing second-chance romance that’s mired with loss and misery. It’s pure magic how she turns regret into hope and despair into everlasting love. With breathtaking landscapes, over-the-top luxury and ultra-sensual and emotional lovemaking, this is a love story not to be missed.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt