Image of Inheriting a Bride


Image of Inheriting a Bride

By capturing the atmosphere of Colorado’s mining towns and the unique characters who populated the area, Robinson adds appeal and depth to a delightful western. There’s enough humor, realism and sweet emotion for fans of light, quick westerns to make everyone happy.

Kit Becker ran away from Chicago to Colorado, just to find the mysterious miner with whom she is to share her inheritance. Clay Hoffman puts a quick stop to her wild schemes — and it turns out he’s now her guardian. Kit is determined to locate Sam Becker, and Clay is determined to protect Sam and Kit from the truth her grandfather hid from them. He has his hands full with Kit’s propensity for trouble, and he has to stop himself from falling in love. It’s a wild adventure for Kit, as she is also falling head over heels in love with Clay and Colorado. She’ll do anything to build a new life in the mountains. (HARLEQUIN, Mar., 283 pp., $6.25)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin