Image of The Inn at Rose Harbor: A Novel


Image of The Inn at Rose Harbor: A Novel

Macomber’s easy writing style makes her series starter a pleasant read, especially for her many fans. The slow pace of the story is well matched to her sweet take on small-town life. However, others may be disappointed by the lack of action and the long conversations about the past. At times, the supernatural and ghostly elements are forced and misplaced.

Jo Marie Rose arrives in Cedar Cove seeking a fresh start, after the death of her husband in Afghanistan. As the new owner of a B&B, she hopes to heal her heart and provide peace to others who stay at the inn. Joshua Weaver, her first guest, is in town because his estranged stepfather is dying. Before the end, he reconciles with the man and finds the courage to take a chance on a new relationship with an old friend. The town holds painful memories for the other guest, Abby Kincaid. But, as she reconnects with her past, she is able to let go of her own guilt so she can accept the idea that she deserves to be happy. (BALLANTINE, Sep., 352 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison